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Metrological Services

Providing complete deliveries of temperature and pressure measurement, and the control of the metrological characteristics of the supplied instruments are closely related.

In 2004 we extended our calibration services in our own calibration laboratory. Since 2011 our laboratory has been accredited according to standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the Czech Accreditation Institute for temperature and pressure calibration. Accreditation also applies to calibrations performed at the place of deployment.

The combined ILAC-CIA mark on calibration certificates guarantees that the calibration certificates issued by our laboratory are recognized in the countries which signed the mutual recognition arrangement. The list of signatories can be found at ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

In 2015, the offer of metrological services was further enlarged through the establishment of the Authorised Metrological Centre (AMS), authorised by the Czech Office for Standards (ÚNMZ), Metrology and Testing under the number K145.


Accredited Calibration Laboratory JSP

provides temperature and pressure calibration of following measuring instruments:

  • Resistance and thermocouple temperature sensors
  • Digital and dial thermometers
  • Temperature sensors with transmitter with analogue or digital output signal
  • Temperature transmitters, displays and regulators
  • Measuring chains with temperature sensors
  • Digital and strain gauges
  • Pressure transmitters with analogue or digital output signal


  • Temperature gauges: -40 to +1553 °C
  • Pressure gauges: -95 kPa to 70 MPa
  • Simulation of temperature sensors: -10 to +100 mV (TC), 0 to 6000 Ω (RTD) 


We also offer non calibrated services:
  • Calibration of temperature simulators
  • Calibration of humidity meters
  • Calibration of temperature and climatic chambers
  • Measurement of surface thicknesses within range (0 ÷ 2000) mm
  • Measurement of instant flow of liquids by ultrasonic flow meter



Accreditation certificate
with the appendix (Cz):

Accreditation certificate can be also found at Czech Accreditation Institute website.








Authorised Metrological Centre JSP

performs verifying of temperature sensors, temperature sensors with transmitters, pressure and pressure difference sensors intended for:

  • Heat and cold gauges
  • Liquid flow gauges and gauge sets
  • Combined gas totalizers


Authorization for the verification of specified measuring instruments (Cz):