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Czech Republic
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Company Policy

We manufacture, design and complete deliveries, realize calibration and installation of measurement and control instrumentation according to individual needs of our customers. We strive to fulfill their requirements and reach a technically and economically convenient solution, as well as all statutory requirements for product safety.

Our company cooperates with reliable sub-suppliers. We guarantee that the goods and services are delivered on the required and confirmed date and in the highest possible quality.

The management has established a company policy, which the employees have adopted.
The following principles and associated guidelines are:

Satisfied customers

  • Basic condition of permanent company development

Satisfied and technically proficient employees

  • The company is formed by people working in
  • Employees feel responsible for the company and their own development
  • The company respects its employees

Safe products that are environment-friendly

  • Development of safe and high technical level products not harmful to the environment

Environment-friendly management

  • Minimizing impacts on the environment
  • Minimizing generation of waste
  • Efficient usage of energy

Health and safety at work

  • Identification and minimization of risks in the area of safety and health protection at work

Compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements

  • Compliance with legal laws and other regulations in the area of quality, metrology, environment protection and work safety

Continuous improvement of the integrated management system

  • Ensurance of continuous improvement in the area of services provided for customers
  • Increasing of internal processes efficiency
  • Creating conditions for personal and professional growth of our employees
  • Improvement of protecting the environment
  • Improvement of safety and health protection at work