JSP, s.r.o.
Raisova 547
506 01 Jičín
Czech Republic
tel: +420 493 760 811
fax: +420 493 760 820

JSP, s.r.o. - Industrial Controls



For more than 30 years we are a top Czech manufacturer and supplier in the field of measurement and control technologies.

Our core activities are: production of a wide range of sensors and accessories, supplies of comprehensive product packages and services of our accredited calibration laboratory.

All company processes are performed in connection with the certification EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.



JSP Production

  • Sensors for Temperature, Pressure, Level and flow measurement including accessories
  • Programmable transmitters, configurators and power sources
  • SWAS Systems for online analysis of Steam and water properties in power generation applications


JSP Supplies

  • Wide range of measurement instruments and components to provide a complete coverage of demands in the field of industrial measurement and control
  • Based on our own production and partner instruments, all main field measurement solutions can be provided
  • Comprehensive and customized services including both documentation and packing for land, airborne and sea transport to save time on installation site


JSP Services

  • 30+ years of experience with industrial measurement applications enable us to provide qualified counselling regarding a proper design of measurement circuits
  • In-house Accredited calibration laboratory services related to ISO / IEC 17025


Advantages of working with JSP

  • Own products complemented with partner supplies for small up to large-scope deliveries
  • Long term experience with deliveries around the globe
  • Accredited calibration laboratory to ensure high quality of goods